About our accredited members


Our members comes from all walks of lives. We are fortunate to have the most representative individuals in the hobby as our members amongst the aero modeling community in Hong Kong. Below list of some of our members that are well known in the hobby circle:


Mr. Simon To (F101), Chairman of HKMEC and Hong Kong Jet Modellers Association.

Simon has been very active and well known in the model turbine powered aircraft community and is the main sponsor of the Turbine Jet Model Team of Hong Kong. Simon is known worldwide to own a collection of exquisite quality, World Champion class model turbine jets. Simon is the main key person that offers lots of assistance and influence in order for our Club to be granted the piece of land for our current airfield. Simon is seen in our field with his giant propeller powered airplanes, while enjoys flying turbine in an airport in China sometimes.

Mr. Ng Bing Lin (F2), Permanent Honorary Chairman of HKMEC, President of Winning Enterprises Company, agent of JR, Kyosho and various well known brands.

Mr. Ng is the first person in Hong Kong and second person in Asia to hover a model helicopter back in 1971. Mr. Ng put his love of his hobby into running his companies that becomes the importer of various famous brands of Hong Kong and China. Mr. Ng still frequent our field and enjoy flying his electric planes.

Mr. Kwong Shun (H1), Honorary Member, President of The World Models and Radar Company Limited, manufacturer of high quality model airplanes and agent of Futaba, OS, YS, Hirobo, Cosmo Fuel, Morgan Fuel and various well known brands.

Mr. Kwong owns maybe the largest model airplane manufacturer in China, The World Models, whose products are sold and popular in every corners of the World. Mr. Kwong is seen in or field many times with a prototype airplane for test, and never too shy to share his airplane for fellow pilots to test fly.

Mr. Alex Lau (F56), Committee Member of HKMEC, 2nd Runner Up on IJMC World Jet Master, multiple F3A Hong Kong Champion, student of Mr. Giichi Naruke, sponsor factory pilot of Naruke Hobby, Futab and Cosmo.

Alex has been flying model airplane for over 30 years and earned multiple local F3A Champion titles. Alex had been representing Hong Kong in many international F3A and turbine jet events. Last year, at the IJMC World Jet Master he got 3rd place. With the skills learned from former F3A World Champion Mr. Giichi Naruke, Alex always offers his help to local pilots and is considered as the mentor to many local F3A pattern pilots. Alex frequent our airfield for practice with his pattern ship, while never hesitate to offer help and advise to local pilots onsite.

Mr. James Yuen (F195), Committee Member of HKMEC, multiple F3C Hong Kong Champion, sponsor factory pilot of Hirobo, Black Hobby, Futaba and Cosmo.

James has been flying model helicopters for over 20 years, and earned multiple local F3C Champion titles. James is the first in history to win 4 consecutive "back to back" titles of F3C Champion in the years 2001, 2002, 2003 and 2004, and represented Hong Kong in FAI F3C World Champion in the year 2005 in Spain, when he achieved the highest ranking that any Hong Kong pilot ever achieved in FAI F3C World Championship in the local history. With the skills learned as a factory pilot of Hirobo, James always seen at our airfield for practice with his factory spec machine, while never hesitate to offer help and advise to local pilots onsite.

Mr. Andy Lau (F160), Committee Member of HKMEC, multiple F3A Hong Kong Champion, full time pilot of Cathay Pacific Airways.

At 17, Andy becomes the youngest local F3A Champion and represented Hong Kong in F3A World Championships. His love of hobby becomes the force that drives his goal to become a full time airline pilot. Now Andy is a Captain of Cathay Pacific Airways.

Mr. Kenneth Tang (H2), Honorary Consultant of HKMEC of Rural Affairs, President of Goldtech Trading Limited, manufacturer of high quality model aero modeling products.

Kenneth, being a talented, silent and low key person as he is, is the owner and chief engineer of a model manufacturing business that OEM for many well known brands of products, specifically TOC class aerobatic airplane. He works with World Champions and famous designers to come up with fabulous products. There is a high chance that a majority of hobbyist in the world would at least own a product that Mr. Tang design or manufacture.

Mr. Jason Chan (F199), Technical Consultant of Hirobo, Black Products International, and Cosmo Fuel.

Jason is a student of Mr. Yoshihide Kurokawa, the mentor of multiple FAI F3C World Champion Mr. Manabu Hashimoto, Mr. Yukihiro Dobashi, and many well known Japanese pilots. Jason is well known in the model helicopter community who never shy to share information about model helicopter constructions and setup of factory pilots. Jason also has been actively offering his help as judge for F3C competition and is the first person in Hong Kong to judge for an international event in Japan.