HKMEC possess and operates the International Model Aviation Centre (IMAC). Through gruesome negotiations with our Government, we were finally granted a piece of land to fly in the year 2004. At a place where land prices is amongst the highest in the world, this means a lot of support by our Government to our hobby.

The IMAC of HKMEC is the main airfield field in operation. This beautiful 35,000 square meter site features flying facilities for all forms of aero-modeling. But just a piece of vacant land does not make an airfield.

Improvement Work

To-date we have spent over HK$3 million in improvements to the land, including:

- a 20 meters X 200 meters concrete runway for operating model aircrafts;
- a separate 800 sq. meter concrete helipad exclusively for the flying of model helicopters;
- a sizable covered pit area with work-benches and chairs; electricity supply; safety nets;
- storage facilities (limited availability)
- parking spaces;
- toilets.


During the construction of the main runway The covered pit area Aerial view of the HKMEC flying field


Continual improvements are being made to the facilities in the hopes that one day our airfield will become a World Class aero-model flying facility where we are able to host international aero-model events, and a place where aero-modelers can enjoy this great hobby.

HKMEC full members are entitled to utilize the flying facilities at the IMAC at no charge.

Facilities at the IMAC

Radio control facilities include a main concrete runway that is 20 meters wide X 200 meters long, with grass covered soft ground at one end as buffer to minimize damage to aircraft at overshoot. On the middle, perpendicular to the runway is the main apron and starting area, with high-raised safety nets on the side for protection. The apron includes a sizable shelter area for preparation work and pilot resting. A separate concrete helipad measuring 20 meters wide X 40 meters long with exclusive flight path separate from the main runway is on the west side of the club. A large improved area for Soaring activities covered with grass and small bushes. A second runway is planned for in the future. Storage areas are available (limited availability) for members to rent and place their storage cabins for the storage of their aircrafts.

Grass is kept manicured to facilitate model recovery and roads are developed to aid in model retrieval.

There are parking spaces for 150 cars and 5 coach bus.

The maximum capacity of our airfield is 300 persons.

Contributions by our members

Up to date we have spent over HK$ 3 million in improvements on the IMAC, but we are only partially done with what we need to do. Some of our members contribute not only the much needed funds but also their free time to help construct and maintain the IMAC into a first-class facility, while having lots of fun doing so, all for the love of our hobby.

Terms of use of IMAC by members

Safety and order is of the utmost importance! Members must abide to the rules and regulations of our club on operations of their models at IMAC.